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dexterity.membrane 0.2

Dexterity content and behaviors to integrate with membrane.

Latest Version: 2.0.1


This is very much alpha code. But it seems to work fine in a client project. Or at least the client code where this package got copied from seems to work fine. It could be that too much client code has been left behind here or removed, but it seems to be okay.

The code is inspired by parts of the fsd.membrane package (being developed by the WebLion group) and the membrane documentation at


This package has been developed for Plone 4.1. In fact it will only work on that version (or higher) as we require uuid support.

We depend on Products.membrane 2.0.2 or higher as that contains a fix to make sure members that are deleted are also removed from the membrane_tool catalog.

User id

As user id we use the uuid that is generated for the content item. This only works on Plone 4.1 and higher. See the definition of getUserId in the behavior.

If you define your own member content type, you should enable the behavior on it as that gives uuid support. This also means members can be referenced from Archetypes content.

Email as login name

This package contains a member content type that has an email field. This is used as login name by the behavior. See getUserName. Other implementations are possible, so we do not force you to use the email address as the login name in your site. But setting the use_email_as_login property to True is probably a good idea. The only effect this has as far as this package is concerned, is that some text in login forms is changed: you see ‘email address’ as label instead of ‘login name’, mostly. To enable this, you can put this in propertiestool.xml, possibly in a custom package for your project:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object name="portal_properties" meta_type="Plone Properties Tool">
  <object name="site_properties" meta_type="Plone Property Sheet">
    <property name="use_email_as_login" type="boolean">True</property>

Member content type

This package defines a member content type, but this may be considered an example; feel free to create a different type and only use the behaviors or create your own adaptations of them.


  • dexterity.membrane.behavior.membraneuser.IMembraneUser: this makes the content behave as a membrane user, defining a way to get the user id (getUserId) and login name (getUserName).
  • dexterity.membrane.behavior.membraneuser.IProvidePasswords: adds a password and confirmation field to your dexterity content. This is used during authentication.
  • dexterity.membrane.behavior.membranegroup.IMembraneGroup: this makes the content behave as a membrane group, defining a way to get the group id (getGroupId) and group name (getGroupName).

Membrane implementation

  • Products.membrane.interfaces.IMembraneUserAuth: we implement authentication using the email field and the password field.
  • Products.membrane.interfaces import IMembraneUserProperties: we provide a read-only mapping from the first and last name fields of our own IMember schema to the fullname user property. We have a read-write mapping for the email, home_page/homepage and description/bio properties/fields for IMember.

Local roles

This package defines a local role provider that makes sure a logged in user gets the local Reader, Editor and Creator roles on the membrane object that belongs to that user.


We define a simple workflow with pending/approved states. A user can only login when in the approved state.


0.2 - 2013-02-19

  • Keep constistent with plone’s email login #12187, so don’t lowercase email addresses. [saily]
  • Add basic membrane group behavior [saily]

0.1 - 2012-09-20

  • Initial alpha release
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