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diecutter 0.6

Templates as a service

Latest Version: 0.7.1


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Templates as a service.

``diecutter`` exposes an API where you manage templates as resources.
The most common operation is to **POST data to templates in order to retrieve
generated files**.

Files and directories are supported. Directories are rendered as archives.

.. note::

Diecutter is under active development: some (killer) features have not been
implemented yet, or they are not mature.
Check `milestones <https:"" diecutter="" diecutter="" issues="" milestones="">`_
and `vision <https:"" en="" latest="" about="" vision.html="">`_
for details.

That said, features documented below actually work, so **give it a try!**


GET raw content of a template:

.. code-block:: text

$ curl -X GET
{{ greetings|default('Hello') }} {{ name }}!

POST data to the template and retrieve generated content:

.. code-block:: text

$ curl -X POST -d name=world
Hello world!


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* Roadmap:
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