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difio-dotcloud-python 2.6.1

Difio registartion agent for dotCloud / Python applications

This is a registration agent for Difio preconfigured for Python applications on DotCloud.

It compiles a list of locally installed Python packages and sends it to

Installing on your dotCloud application

Create an account at

Create your Python application on dotCloud

Configure your Difio userID. You can get it from

dotcloud var set <app name> DIFIO_USER_ID=UserID

Generate a unique identifier for this application and save the value as environmental variable.

dotcloud var set <app name> DIFIO_UUID=`uuidgen`

Add a dependency in your requirements.txt file

echo difio-dotcloud-python >> requirements.txt

Enable the registration script in your postinstall hook. Note: If you are using an “approot” your postinstall script should be in the directory pointed by the “approot” directive of your dotcloud.yml. For more information about postinstall turn to

If a file named postinstall doesn’t already exist, create it and add the following:


Make postinstall executable

chmod a+x postinstall

Commit your changes (if using git):

git add .
git commit -m "enable Difio registration"

Then push your application to dotCloud

dotcloud push <app name>

If everything goes well you should see something like:

19:55:10 [www.0] Running postinstall script...
19:55:13 [www.0] response:200
19:55:13 [www.0] Difio: Success, registered/updated application with uuid ac5a3741-a564-4e59-aad2-3f51ea860521

That’s it, you can now check your application statistics at

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
difio-dotcloud-python-2.6.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-10-30 3KB