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dirshare 0.6


Latest Version: 0.8


**dirshare** is a HTTP WSGI Python application to rapidly share images within
a specific root path, leverages thumbnail caching (with MongoDb),
instantaneous image resizing, file meta data extraction and zip file creation.

The motivation to create this application is that occasionally I must browse a
large collection of photos, WITHOUT a dedicated server software, loading of
full sized images or modifying original files.

- Setuptools (for installing dirshare and its Python dependencies)
- Access to a mongo database server

**Note** Pillow library uses system libraries to decode specific type of files.
If you get "IOError: decoder XXX not available" while loading some images,
you're probably missing some libraries (ex. libjpeg).

From PyPI:
> pip install dirshare

> python install

Configuration and usage
1) Generate a .ini file:
> dirshare -e <output.ini>

2) Edit generated file and configured as needed (specially _images\_root_
and mongo server settings). Most of the settings are self explanatory.

3) Launch server:
> dirshare -c <output.ini>

4) Point a browser to dirshare's port (default 6543).

* _images\_per\_page_ is the maximum number images to display per page.
This parameter can be overwritten in HTTP request, with 'pp' GET parameter.
* _image\_sizes_ is a space separated list of (re)sizes available in a form
of MAX\_WIDTHxMAX\_HEIGHT. The image is resized to these values, with its
aspect ratio preserved. The first element in _image\_sizes_ is the thumbnail
size. Keyword _full_ is the original image.
* _resize\_format_ is the encoder to use in image resizes.
* _resize\_quality_ is the quality parameter used by image encoder.

Usage: dirshare [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
Server configuration file path
-r IMAGES_ROOT, --images-root=IMAGES_ROOT
Root directory to share (will override config file)
-e EXAMPLE_INI, --example-ini=EXAMPLE_INI
Create an example ini file

- Major change: The whole application is now a single page, built with AngularJS and Bootstrap framework.
- New: ETag header is now used. Performance is significantly improved.
- New: Two view modes. Grid: useful for desktops. Scroll: better display for mobile devices.
- New: Select mode: Add any image to the basket. At any time, go to the basket to view or export (zip) the whole selection.
- New: EXIF information is now read and saved, for each image file.
- New: Content-disposition http header is now used for zip and images.
- New: unit tests created.

- First public release  
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dirshare-0.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-08-26 246KB