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distillery 0.1b

fixture utils for python ORMs

Latest Version: 0.5

distillery is another fatory_girl like for python ORMs.


pip install distillery

Defining distilleries

Each distillery has a __model__ and a set of attributes and methods. The __model__ is the ORM model class from which instance will be produced:

class UserDistillery(MyOrmDistillery):
    __model__ = User


A distillery class attribute defines default values for specific model field:

class UserDistillery(MyOrmDistillery):
    __model__ = User

    username = "defaultusername"

All new User outputted from UserDistillery will have defaultusername as username field value while there’s no override.

Methods (a.k.a. “lazy attributes”)

A distillery class method allow to build dinamic value for specific field:

from distillery import lazy

class UserDistillery(MyOrmDistillery):
    __model__ = User

    username = "defaultusername"

    def email_address(cls, instance, sequence):
        return "%s@%s" % (instance.username,

All new User outputted from UserDistillery will have an email_address computed from his username and his company domain.

Note: all lazies received an instance and a sequence that are respectively the object instance and an auto incremented sequence.

Using distilleries


Inits and populates an instance:

user = UserDistillery.init()
assert user.username == "defaultusername"
assert is None

user = UserDistillery.create(username="overriddenusername")
assert user.username == "overriddenusername"
assert is None


Inits, populates and persists an instance:

user = UserDistillery.create()
assert user.username == "defaultusername"
assert is not None


distillery provides a Set class that act as a fixture container.

A Set needs a __distillery__ class member from where all instances will born:

from distillery import Set

class UserSet(Set):
    __distillery__ = UserDistillery

    class jeanphix:
        username = 'jeanphix'

Then simply instanciate the UserSet to access the fixture object:

users = UserSet()
assert users.jeanphix.username == 'jeanphix'

Cross Set relations are also allowed:

from distillery import Set

class CompanySet(Set):
    __distillery__ = CompanyDistillery

    class my_company:
        name = "My company"

class UserSet(Set):
    __distillery__ = UserDistillery

    class jeanphix:
        username = 'jeanphix'
        company =

users = UserSet()
assert == 'My company'

Set can also create fixture instances on demand when they are accessed by setting on_demand constructor parameter:

users = UserSet(on_demand=True)
users.jeanphix  # jeanphix will be created here.



Django models could be distilled using DjangoDistillery that only requires a __model__ class member:

from distillery import DjangoDistillery

from django.auth.models import User

class UserDistillery(DjangoDistillery):
    __model__ = User

    #  ...


SQLAlchemy distilleries require a __model__ and a __session__ class members:

from distillery import SQLAlchemyDistillery

from sqlalchemy import create_engine
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker

engine = create_engine('sqlite://', echo=False)
Session = sessionmaker()
session = Session()
Base = declarative_base()

class User(Base):
    #  ...

class UserDistillery(SQLAlchemyDistillery):
    __model__ = User
    __session__ = session

    #  ...
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