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divide 6

Divide ?

Divide is a special browser that can display many pages at the same time, splitting screen horizontally or vertically. It was created for needs of Smartjog’s IT NOC.


  • Use webkit to display pages
  • Can split horizontally or vertically
  • Automatic reload of pages (delay settable by page)
  • Horizontal or vertical auto-scrolling (with time and move configuration)
  • Height and width of each screen-part can be configured
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Can display a title on screen
  • JSON configuration
  • Released under WTFPL license

How to use:

Install it with easy_install or uncompress tarball and execute:

python2.6 install

You will need python2.6, pygtk, and python-webkit to use it, install them with your package manager.

Create a configuration file in json format, you can inspire of this example:

        "title": "Title",
        "view": {
                "split": "horizontally",
                "sub": [
                                        "type": "page",
                                        "url": "",
                                        "auto_refresh": 5,
                                        "auto_scroll": {
                                                "y": {
                                                        "increment": 10,
                                                        "milli": 250,
                                                        "pause": 5,
                                                        "return": true
                                        "type": "view",
                                        "heigh": 200,
                                        "sub": {
                                                        "type": "page",
                                                        "url": "",
                                                        "type": "page",
                                                        "url": "",

Run it with:

divide config.json


  • Added return option on auto_scroll section, used to scroll in backwards when end of page is reached. Correct value is boolean (true or false).
  • Added pause option on auto_scroll section, used to make a pause when end (or start) of page is reached. Correct value is integer, corresponding to the number of “milli” value to wait (eg: milli is set to 2, pause is set to 1000, auto_scroll will wait 2*1000 millisecond).
  • Changed application title (from old name).
  • To note: Divide has been used for more than a one month at Smartjog without any problem, consequently, it developpement status is now “Stable”.
  • Initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
divide-6-py2.6.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.6 2011-03-15 4KB
divide-6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-03-15 4KB