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dj.paste 1.14

Yet another WSGI Paste factory for paste sponsored by Makina Corpus

What is dj.paste

It is just another PythonPaste applications wsgi wrappers:

  • dj.paste#mono or only dj.paste:

    A paste factory to use when you have only one django on your instance

  • dj.paste#multi

    A paste factory to use when you have more than one django on your instance but be careful that there is a fakeDjangoModule trick that can lead to problems (not seen so far)

How to use dj.paste

Django App

With paste, just add another app entry with a django_settings_module variable to point to your django settings

use = egg:Paste#urlmap
/ = foo


django factory

Checking that everything is in place:

>>> resp = app.get('/')
>>> 'first django' in resp.body.lower()


1.14 (2012-02-22)

  • add weberror wrapper

1.10 (2012-02-22)

  • proper release


  • add a mono factory (and now the default)
  • cleanup

1.3 - 1.4

  • fix multiple djangos in the same paste instance


  • Initial release
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