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django-accounts-cbv 1.0

Account login, logout, and password reset.

Latest Version: 2.0

Django Accounts

Django Accounts re-implements several views from Django contrib auth to use the messageing framework instead stand-alone pages for simple messages. It also includes a email authentication backend.


Run `pip install django-accounts-cbv`

Add `accounts` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting:


To your sites `` add:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^accounts/', include('accounts.urls')),

Authentication Backends

The email authentication backend will allow users to login with the email address and password.

To enable it add `'accounts.auth_backends.EmailBackend'` to your `AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS` setting:



Login inherits from FormView for easy extensibility.

Logout inhertis from RedirectView for easy extensibility. It also displays a logout message.

PasswordReset inherits from FormView for easy extensibility. It displays a message once a reset request is submited.

PasswordResetConfirm inherits from FormView for easy extensibility. It displays a message once the user has changed their password.

UserUpdate inherits from UpdateView for easy extensibility. It allows a user change their account information.


A form for changing an existing user's username and/or password. The password is optional and the form will only attempt to update the password if text is in the password input and it matches the confimation input.  
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