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django-activity-stream 0.4.5

Generate generic activity streams from the actions on your site. Users can follow any actor's activities for personalized streams.

Latest Version: 0.6.5

Authors:Justin Quick <> and many others listed in AUTHORS.txt
pip install django-activity-stream==0.4.5beta1

Django Activity Stream is a way of creating activities generated by the actions on your site. Action events are categorized by four main components.

  • Actor. The object that performed the activity.
  • Verb. The verb phrase that identifies the action of the activity.
  • Action Object. (Optional) The object linked to the action itself.
  • Target. (Optional) The object to which the activity was performed.

Actor, Action Object and Target are GenericForeignKeys to any arbitrary Django object. An action is a description of an action that was performed (Verb) at some instant in time by some Actor on some optional Target that results in an Action Object getting created/updated/deleted.

For example: justquick (actor) closed (verb) issue 2 (object) on activity-stream (target) 12 hours ago

Nomenclature of this specification is based on the Activity Streams Spec:

For complete documenation see Django Activity Stream Documentation

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