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django-admin-ckeditor 0.0.1

Ckeditor integration with Django admin.

Basically this is just the CKEditor javascript files with a ''
file providing a 'RichTextField' and a 'CkeditorWidget' that attaches
the proper javascript to the form field widget.

1. Declare a model with a 'RichTextField'.
2. in the, use the formfield overrides to add the CKeditor widget
to rich text fields.

--- ---
from ckeditor.fields import RichTextField

class SampleModel(models.Model):
description = RichTextField()

--- ---
from ckeditor.fields import RichTextField, CkeditorWidget

class SampleModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
formfield_overrides = {
RichTextField: {'widget': CkeditorWidget},
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django-admin-ckeditor-0.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-01-01 528KB