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django-angular 0.7.2

Reusable mixins classes and utility functions which help to integrate AngularJS with Django.

Latest Version: 2.0.0

Let Django play well with AngularJS

Slides from the Django Conference 2014 are available here.

NEW in 0.7.2

  • Support for almost all Django’s built-in Form fields, such as Select, SelectMultiple, RadioSelect, CheckboxInput, CheckboxSelectMultiple and TextAreas in addition to normal Text Input fields.

Project home:

Demo on how to combine Django with Angular’s form validation.

Detailed documentation on ReadTheDocs.

Please participate at this survey on naming conventions!

Please drop me a line, if and where you use this project.


  • Seamless integration of Django forms with AngularJS controllers.
  • Client side form validation for Django forms using AngularJS.
  • Let an AngularJS controller call methods in a Django view - kind of Javascript RPCs.
  • Manage Django URLs for static controller files.
  • Three way data binding to connect AngularJS models with a server side message queue.
  • Perform basic CRUD operations.

Build status


Copyright © 2014 Jacob Rief. Licensed under the MIT license.

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