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AWS Billing for Django

Latest Version: 0.2.6

![Bezos is a Hustler](


Django AWS Usage/Billing Package. **Work in Progress**.

* Version: 0.1.0
* Status: Working!
* Not tested in a production setting yet. Should be okay though.

Maps items from CSVs in the AWS programmatic billing access reports to a **BillingRecord** model in Django, allowing billing
queries to be processed via the Django ORM. Also provides some convenience methods to calculate costs for specific

## Set up

1. First you need to set up [Programmatic Billing
Access]( and "detailed billing reporting
with resources and tags" from your [billing preferences
page]( This also means making
a bucket to store the output in (those bastards, charging us to host our own billing data!), and setting up an
appropriate policy for that bucket.

1. Wait an hour for your first usage report to be generated. 😴

1. Install django-aws-billing:

pip install django-aws-billing

1. Set your AWS credentials in your Django settings:

AWS_BILLING_BUCKET = 'your-aws-billing-info-bucket-name'
AWS_ACCOUNT_ID = '1234-5679-0000' # Find this number from your AWS Manage Account page:

1. Add 'aws\_billing' to your INSTALLED\_APPS:


1. Run syncdb:

python syncdb

1. Run the billing command:

python process_aws_billing

## Programmatic Usage

1. Import it and call it!

from aws_billing import aws_billing
aws_billing.get_cost_for_resource('your-resource-name') # 12.002415
aws_billing.get_total_cost() # 42.001234
aws_billing.get_all_costs_by_resource() # {'your-resource-name': 12.002415, 'your-other-resource-name': 29.998819}


## TODO:

* Hopefully, this package will also include utilities to create nice little javascript charts.
* Tests
* Your idea here? The future is unwritten..

Issues welcomed, patches thanked, stars appreciated.  
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