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A Django app to manage Amazon AWS servers.

Latest Version:

Django AWS Manager is a django app that allows you to view and manage Amazon EC2 instances. It can be useful as a way to access your server quickly from the admin screen and remote desktop. The servers can be shut off during off hours (e.g., outside of market hours for a trading server) to save costs.


> pip install django-aws-manager

or for the latest from github:

> pip install -e git+git://

Quick start

  1. Add “aws-manager” to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  2. Include the aws_manager URLconf in your project like this:

    url(r'^aws-manager/', include('aws_manager.urls')),
  3. Run python migrate to create the aws-manager models (or add it using south)

  4. register the app with your admin in

  5. add a new server record through the admin screen


  • You can start/stop the server using the admin actions on the aws server list page.

  • The server status is visible from the server detail view

  • An RDP for remote desktop access file can be downloaded from the detail view if the EC2 server is windows based and is running.

  • A management command can be used to start and stop the servers from the command line e.g.:

    python aws-server *servername* start
    (Available management commands: start, stop, state, start-wkdays-only, stop-wkdays-only)
  • Starting and stopping of the servers can be scheduled using chron or heroku scheduler with the management commands

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