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django-beta 0.1.0

django-beta is a reusable Django application for handling pre-beta signups.


django-beta is a simple application to help you capture pre-beta interest with your sites.

By default django-beta only captures a user’s email address, however you can alternately set one of these two configuration options:

BETA_CAPTURE_FIRST = True, will use a form and require the user to enter their first name and email address.

BETA_CAPTURE_BOTH = True, will use a form and require the user enter their first name, last name, and email address.


Add beta to your INSTALLED_APPS and run syncdb.

Add the following to your

url(r’^beta/’, include(‘beta.urls’)),

Using the example templates provided in the code, create your customized beta signup templates.


The BetaSignup model has the following manager method to help out:

BetaSignup.objects.contacted() BetaSignup.objects.not_contacted() BetaSignup.objects.registered() BetaSignup.objects.not_registered()

Side Effects

django-beta listens for a signal on User creation and marks the corresponding BetaSignup entry as ‘registered’.


  • Admin views to show beta registrations over time
  • Management commands to simplify emailing the interested users
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