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django-bootstrap-markdown 1.5.4

An extension of the Django Textarea widget made for editing Markdown with a live preview.

Latest Version: 1.8.1

Django Bootstrap Markdown Editor

A beautiful Markdown editor with a side by side preview

An extension of the Django Textarea widget made for editing
`Markdown <http:"" projects="" markdown=""/>`__ with a live

.. figure::
:alt: Example


``> pip install django-bootstrap-markdown``


- Add ``django-bootstrap-markdown`` to the installed apps of your
Django Project
- Instead of using the django ``Textarea`` widget use the
- Be sure to include the form's required media in the template. *ie.*
``{{ }}``
- Also be sure to include `Twitter
Bootstrap <http:""/>`__
- Include the markdown urls:



urlpatterns = patterns('',
url(r'^markdown/', include('django_bootstrap_markdown.urls')),




from django import forms
from django_bootstrap_markdown.widgets import MarkdownInput

class PostForm(forms.Form):
title = forms.CharField()
markdown = forms.CharField( widget=MarkdownInput )  
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