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django-cached_authentication_middleware 0.2.0

A drop in replacement for django's built in AuthenticationMiddleware that utilizes caching.

django-cached_authentication_middleware is a drop in replacement for
``django.contrib.auth``'s built in ``AuthenticationMiddleware``. It tries to
populate ``request.user`` by fetching user data from cache before falling back
to the database.


.. image::

* Install via pypi::

    pip install django-cached_authentication_middleware

* Configure ``CACHES`` in django's ````::

    CACHES = {
        'default': {
            'BACKEND': 'django.core.cache.backends.memcached.PyLibMCCache',
            'LOCATION': '',
            'TIMEOUT': 36000,

* Replace ``django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware`` with
  ``cached_auth.Middleware`` in ````::


And you're done!

Cached Auth Preprocessor

Sometimes you want to preprocess to ``User`` instance before storing
it into cache. ``cached_auth`` allows you to define
``settings.CACHED_AUTH_PREPROCESSOR``, a callable that takes two arguments, ``user`` & ``request`` and returns a ``User`` instance.

A classic example of this would be to attach ``Profile`` data
to ``User`` object so calling ``request.user.profile`` does not incur a
database hit. Here's how we can implement it.


def attach_profile(user, request):
    # Handle exception for user with no profile and AnonymousUser
    except (Profile.DoesNotExist, AttributeError):

# In

Running Tests

To run the test suite::

    python tests/

To run the test suite with Django custom user (this will run only on Django 1.5)::

    python tests/


Version 0.2.0

* Added support for Django 1.5's customer user model

Version 0.1.1

* Fixed an error where middleware tries to call "get_profile" on AnonymousUser

Version 0.1

* Initial release
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