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django-calendarium 0.5

A reusable Django app to manage and display a calendar in your templates.

Latest Version: 1.3.4

A Django application for managing and displaying a calendar and it’s events in your templates.

It will be heavily influenced by the awesome django-schedule

Since that project is unfortunately no longer maintained, we will try to revive it’s ideas with TDD, class based views and AJAX in mind.

For further information, please check out the django-calendarium documentation on readthedocs.


If you want your calendar to start on a different date, you can set the CALENDARIUM_SHIFT_WEEKSTART setting to be the offset in days, that the calendar should add or subtract from the start day of the week. Most common case is probably, that you want your calendar week to start on sunday in which case you would add the following to your settings:

.. code-block:: python

Extending the app

It is almost inevitable that you will want to add more fields or more functionality to the Event model of this app. However, this app is already quite complex and we would like to keep it as simple and focused as possible. This app should do one thing and do it well, and that thing is: to output (recurring) events for a given day, week, month or timeframe.

A very common usecase is to display public events that are open for registration. For this case we have created another app django-event-rsvp which plays nicely with this app.

You might do it in a similar way. Since events created in the calendarium app can easily be tied to any object via generic foreign keys, you can therefore tie them to the objects of any of your own apps. The only thing left for you is to create nice CRUD views that create your own objects and our Event objects simultaneously behind the scenes.


Check the issue tracker on github for milestones and features to come. If you have ideas or questions, please don’t hesitate to open an issue on the issue tracker.

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