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django-cas-ng 3.1.0

CAS 1.0/2.0 client authentication backend for Django (inherited from django-cas)

Latest Version: 3.5.9

django-cas-ng is CAS (Central Authentication Service) client implementation. This project inherit from [django-cas]( django-cas is not updated since 2013-4-1. This project will include new bugfix and new feature development.



Install with pip:

pip install django-cas-ng

Install from source:

python install

Now add it to the middleware and authentication backends in your settings. Make sure you also have the authentication middleware installed. Here’s an example:



Set the following required setting in

Optional settings include:

  • CAS_ADMIN_PREFIX: The URL prefix of the Django administration site. If undefined, the CAS middleware will check the view being rendered to see if it lives in django.contrib.admin.views.
  • CAS_EXTRA_LOGIN_PARAMS: Extra URL parameters to add to the login URL when redirecting the user.
  • CAS_IGNORE_REFERER: If True, logging out of the application will always send the user to the URL specified by CAS_REDIRECT_URL.
  • CAS_LOGOUT_COMPLETELY: If False, logging out of the application won’t log the user out of CAS as well.
  • CAS_REDIRECT_URL: Where to send a user after logging in or out if there is no referrer and no next page set. Default is /.
  • CAS_RETRY_LOGIN: If True and an unknown or invalid ticket is received, the user is redirected back to the login page.
  • CAS_VERSION: The CAS protocol version to use. ‘1’ and ‘2’ are supported, with ‘2’ being the default.

Make sure your project knows how to log users in and out by adding these to your URL mappings:

(r'^accounts/login$', 'django_cas_ng.views.login'),
(r'^accounts/logout$', 'django_cas_ng.views.logout'),

Users should now be able to log into your site using CAS.


Contributions are welcome! If you would like to contribute this project, please feel free to fork and send pull request. New code should follow both PEP8 and the Django coding style.


This is project is inherited from CCPC’s [django-cas]( It seems django-cas not update since 2013-4-1. I moved it github for bugfix and continue new feature develop.

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