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django-cc 0.2.1

Django wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

# django-cc #

Django-cryptocurrencies web wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Simple pluggable application inspired by django-bitcoin.

Python 3

## Features ##
* Multi-currency
* Celery support
* Withdraw and Deposite
* 3 types of balances: balance, unconfirmed, holded

## Quick start ##

Edit Currency model

from cc.models import Currency

currency = Currency.object.create(
label = 'Bitcoin',
ticker = 'BTC',
api_url = 'http://root:toor@localhost:8332'

Start celery worker
$ celery worker -A

Get new addresses for wallets

$ celery call cc.tasks.refill_addresses_queue

Now you can create wallets, deposite and withdraw funds


from cc.models import Wallet

wallet = Wallet.objects.create(


wallet.withdraw('mvEnyQ9b9iTA11QMHAwSVtHUrtD4CTfiDB', Decimal('0.01'))

After creating a withdraw transaction you need to run

$ celery call cc.tasks.process_withdraw_transactions

Query for new deposite transactions:
$ cc.tasks.query_transactions

If you want to catch event from bitcoind, but these calls options in bitcoin.conf file

walletnotify=~/env/bin/celery call cc.tasks.query_transaction --args='["BTC", "'%s'"]'
blocknotify=~/env/bin/celery call cc.tasks.query_transactions --args='["BTC"]'

where "BTC" - ticker (short name) of the Currency  
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