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django-celerybeat-status 0.0.7

A simple django admin extension that shows when your periodic are going to run next

A library that integrates with django admin and shows in a simple GUI when your periodic are going to run next.


pip install django-celerybeat-status


  1. Add 'celerybeat_status' to your INSTALLED_APPS variable in django settings
  1. Create a url for the status check view
from django.conf.urls import url, include

urlpatterns = [
  # other urls...
  url(r'^admin/statuscheck/', include('celerybeat_status.urls')),


Check your tasks under /admin/statuscheck/periodictasks/ (if you configured your urls the way we suggested in this docs).

You can also find a link in /admin sidebar.

Commercial Support

This project, as other Vinta open-source projects, is used in products of Vinta clients. We are always looking for exciting work, so if you need any commercial support, feel free to get in touch:

Copyright (c) 2017 Vinta Serviços e Soluções Tecnológicas Ltda

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