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django-chess 0.1.2

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.2.1

django-chess is written in Django/Python/Jquery/JqueryUI.

django-chess 0.0.1 introduces a single player chess game against yourself for now.

  • The framework combined with the methods used was thought out by programmer and software developer Jaco Thiart.
  • This game was initially written in Django/Python/Jquery/JqueryUI as a multi-player strategy game and was then ported to Unity3D( and after that it was ported back to django-chess on github as a initial single player strategy game against yourself, identified by version 0.0.1.
  • This is just the start for gaming in Django, there is more in store for django-chess in the future!
  • The ported version in Unity3D do have artificial intelligence to an extend with level, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced!
  • This need to be included into django-chess as well as multi-player gaming with the addition of chess moves Castling and En-Passant.
  • django-chess is compatible in all major browsers including Ie6.

Release 0.1.1 was scaled from release 0.0.1 that was a single player game to a mult-iplayer game between browsers.

There is a few concerns in release 0.1.1. But I released it for those want to see that a multi-player chess game in Django can be done.

The concerns include:

  • Polling data against the server.
  • Reset of a game is done by only refreshing your browser.
  • More than 2 users interaction per project interface.

These concerns will all be taken care of in release 0.1.2.

The following instructions in order to play the game apply:

  • Run syncdb with the included example_project.
  • You only need to install Django to run the code.
  • Follow the instructions when running syncdb to create a superuser. This user will be the 1st user that will be able to play against another user.
  • Once you have the server running, in the admin add another active user.
  • Once this is done, open the 2 separate browsers, for example Chrome + Safari.
  • Login with the 2 separate users per open browser.
  • Once logged in you’ll see a chess board in both browsers.
  • On the right you’ll see the username of available users you van play chess against.
  • In Chrome click on the user, then switch to Safari, an invite will show on the footer.
  • Accept it. The person who accepts the invitation may move first.
  • Drag the white piece into position and you’ll see in Chrome the piece moved. After this you can move the selected black piece in Chrome, then switch browsers again.
  • Alter between moves and browsers while playing or just setup a server to play against a friend on separate computers.
  • If at any point a bug occur or you want to reset a game, refresh the browser.


  • This multi-player chess game was tested on Ie6, Mozilla Firefox and Safari on a Windows PC.
  • This game is yet to be tested on a Linux PC and a MAC.

Bug reports:

  • Help by sending me bug reports.


  • A changelog will be released in future releases in order to submit the changes and features.

Documentation: This is revision 0.0.1 that includes only pictures!

Thanks for playing!

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