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django-chunks2 2.8.3

Keyed blocks of content for use in your Django templates

  1. Install using pip
$ pip install django-chunks2
  1. Add the chunks application to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file (usually
  2. Sync database (./ syncdb or ./ migrate)
  3. Use chunks on your templates
{% load chunks %}

    <h1>Blah blah blah</h1>
    <div id="sidebar">
    <div id="left">
        {% chunk "home_page_left" %}
    <div id="right">
        {% chunk "home_page_right" %}
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
django-chunks2-2.8.3.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2014-11-27 9KB
django_chunks2-2.8.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5, pgp) Python Wheel 2.7 2014-11-27 17KB