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django-citations 0.3

A simple Django app to include citations and reference lists in your templates.

Package Documentation

Citations is a simple Django app which lets you use a citations and reference lists within your templates.

Quick start

  1. Install using:

    pip install django-citations
  2. Add "citations" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  3. Run python migrate to create the models.


You can use the admin panel to create references for your site. These can have a range of details including ISBN, URLs, titles, etc. Each reference must have a unique slug. This is how we will refer to the reference when we cite it within a template.

To refer to a reference in your database, you first need to load the tags in your template:

{% load citation_tags %}

You can then do the following in your template where you want the reference to appear:

{% cite "my_reference_slug" %}

You can refer to multiple references at a time by just adding new slugs separated by spaces. Note that quotation marks are required around the slugs, and slug names should not contain spaces:

{% cite "my_first_reference_slug" "my_second_reference_slug" %}

If you attempt to reference a work that is not in your reference list a TemplateSyntaxError will be raised showing the offending reference slug.

The references will be included in text as numbers - e.g. [1], or [1, 2] for multiple references. Reference objects will also be placed in the reference_list variable of the template's context.

A reference list can be included at the bottom of the document:

{% show_references reference_list %}

Importing References

If you have the package bibtexparser installed then you will have access in the admin panel to an "Upload Bibtex" button. This feature will upload a bibtex file, scan it for fields that django-citations supports and save new records.

The bibtexparser package is provided under the LGPL.

Change Log

Version 0.3
  • Improved documentation
  • Add new fields to database
  • Add bibtex upload function, where bibtexparser is installed
  • Add show_all_references tag for complete bibliography
Version 0.2.1
  • Fix tags in README

Version 0.2

  • Improved citation database - more fields available
  • Improved reference output (uses a Harvard referencing format)

Version 1.0

  • Initial version
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