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django-ckeditor-updated 4.2.7

Django admin CKEditor integration.

Latest Version: 4.4.4

Django CKEditor
**File storage, Django 1.6 compatible fork available on pypi as django-ckeditor-updated**
**Django admin CKEditor integration.**
Note that this fork has different configuration as the source django-ckeditor.

Provides a ``RichTextField`` and ``CKEditorWidget`` utilizing CKEditor with image upload and browsing support included.

* This version also includes:
#. support to django-storages (works with S3)
#. updated ckeditor to version 4.2.1
#. included all ckeditor language files to made everyone happy!

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:depth: 5


#. Install or add django-ckeditor-updated to your python path. Note: You may not have the original django-ckeditor and django-ckeditor-updated installed at the same time.

#. Add ``ckeditor`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting.

#. Run the ``collectstatic`` management command: ``$ / collectstatic``. This'll copy static CKEditor require media resources into the directory given by the ``STATIC_ROOT`` setting. See `Django's documentation on managing static files <https:"" en="" dev="" howto="" static-files="">`_ for more info.

#. Add a CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PATH setting to the project's ```` file. This setting specifies an relative path to your CKEditor media upload directory. CKEditor uses Django storage API. By default Django uses file system storage backend (it will use your MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL) and if you don't use different backend you have to have write permissions for the CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PATH path within MEDIA_ROOT, i.e.::


For the default file system storage images will be uploaded to "uploads" folder in your MEDIA_ROOT and urls will be created against MEDIA_URL (/media/uploads/image.jpg).

CKEditor has been tested with django FileSystemStorage and S3BotoStorage.
There are issues using S3Storage from django-storages.

#. Add CKEditor URL include to your project's ```` file::

(r'^ckeditor/', include('ckeditor.urls')),

#. Set ``CKEDITOR_IMAGE_BACKEND`` to one of supported backends to enable thumbnails in ckeditor gallery. By default no thumbnails are created and full size images are used as preview. Supported backends:

- ``pillow``: uses PIL or Pillow

#. All uploaded files are slugified by defaults, to disable this feature set ``CKEDITOR_SLUGIFY_FILENAME`` to ``False``

#. Set the CKEDITOR_RESTRICT_BY_USER setting to ``True`` in the project's ```` file (default ``False``). This restricts access to uploaded images to the uploading user (e.g. each user only sees and uploads their own images). Superusers can still see all images. **NOTE**: This restriction is only enforced within the CKEditor media browser.

#. Add a CKEDITOR_CONFIGS setting to the project's ```` file. This specifies sets of CKEditor settings that are passed to CKEditor (see CKEditor's `Setting Configurations <http:"" ckeditor_3.x="" developers_guide="" setting_configurations="">`_), i.e.::

'awesome_ckeditor': {
'toolbar': 'Basic',

The name of the settings can be referenced when instantiating a RichTextField::

content = RichTextField(config_name='awesome_ckeditor')

The name of the settings can be referenced when instantiating a CKEditorWidget::

widget = CKEditorWidget(config_name='awesome_ckeditor')

By specifying a set named ``default`` you'll be applying its settings to all RichTextField and CKEditorWidget objects for which ``config_name`` has not been explicitly defined ::

'default': {
'toolbar': 'Full',
'height': 300,
'width': 300,


The quickest way to add rich text editing capabilities to your models is to use the included ``RichTextField`` model field type. A CKEditor widget is rendered as the form field but in all other regards the field behaves as the standard Django ``TextField``. For example::

from django.db import models
from ckeditor.fields import RichTextField

class Post(models.Model):
content = RichTextField()

Alernatively you can use the included ``CKEditorWidget`` as the widget for a formfield. For example::

from django import forms
from django.contrib import admin
from ckeditor.widgets import CKEditorWidget

from post.models import Post

class PostAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
content = forms.CharField(widget=CKEditorWidget())
class Meta:
model = Post

class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
form = PostAdminForm, PostAdmin)

Managment Commands
Included is a management command to create thumbnails for images already contained in ``CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PATH``. This is useful to create thumbnails when starting to use django-ckeditor with existing images. Issue the command as follows::

$ ./ generateckeditorthumbnails

**NOTE**: If you're using custom views remember to include ckeditor.js in your form's media either through ``{{ }}`` or through a ``<script>`` tag. Admin will do this for you automatically. See `Django's Form Media docs <http:"" en="" dev="" topics="" forms="" media=""/>`_ for more info.

Using S3

If you want to use allowedContent
To allowedContent works, disable **stylesheetparser** plugin.
So included this on your

"default": {
"removePlugins": "stylesheetparser",

Demo / Test application
If you clone the repository you will be able to run the ``ckeditor_demo`` application.

#. ``pip install -r ckeditor_demo_requirements.txt``

#. Run `` syncdb``

#. Create a superuser if you want to test the widget in the admin panel

#. Start the development server.

There is a forms.Form on main page (/) and a model in admin that uses the widget for a model field.
Database is set to sqlite3 and STATIC/MEDIA_ROOT to folders in temporary directory.

Running selenium test

You can run the test with ``python test ckeditor_demo`` (for repo checkout only) or with ``tox`` which is configured to run with Python 2.7 and 3.3.
(You may have to fix some imports in selenium webdriver for Python 3.3).

This fork
#. `riklaunim <https:"" riklaunim="">`_

Created By
#. `shaunsephton <http:"" shaunsephton="">`_

#. `3point2 <https:"" 3point2="">`_
#. `buchuki <http:"" buchuki="">`_
#. `chr15m <http:"" chr15m="">`_
#. `hedleyroos <https:"" hedleyroos="">`_
#. `jeffh <https:"" jeffh="">`_
#. `lihan <https:"" lihan="">`_
#. `loop0 <http:"" loop0="">`_
#. `mwcz <https:"" mwcz="">`_
#. `tomwys <https:"" tomwys="">`_
#. `snbuback <https:"" snbuback="">`_
#. And others `<https:"" **="" django-ckeditor="" graphs="" contributors="">`_

#. Fix slugifying to empty filename if only bad characters given in filename. Use random string as fallback.
#. Don't use IMG tags for non image files in ckeditor file browser.
#. Remove non-existing image reference from CSS files that broke collectstatic.
#. Misc fixes

4.2.5 / 4.2.6
#. Fix static files installation - switch from distutils to setuptools

#. Added new demo application with selenium integration test
#. tox setup for Python 3.3 and 2.7 testing
#. Extracted image processing to backends. PIL/Pillow is optional now. Other backends can be added.
#. Fixed a bug with thumbnail generation

#. Python 3.3 compatibility
#. All uploaded files are slugified by default (New settings CKEDITOR_SLUGIFY_FILENAME)
#. Upload file when editing a link (<a href="">) now works properly

#. Python 3.3 compatibility in

#. Include CKEditor version 4.2.1.
#. Support Django 1.6

#. Include CKEditor version 4.0.2.
#. Remove unwanted static files from distribution.
#. Use Pillow instead of PIL since it builds on all systems.

#. Include CKEditor version 3.6.2.
#. Initial work on Django aligned theme.
#. Fix schema slash removal issue on media url generation. Thanks `mwcz <https:"" mwcz="">`_
#. Added compatibility for South. Thanks `3point2 <https:"" 3point2="">`_
#. Prevented settings from leaking between widget instances. Thanks `3point2 <https:"" 3point2="">`_
#. Fixed config_name conflict when verbose_name is used as first positional argument for a field. Thanks `3point2 <https:"" 3point2="">`_
#. Refactored views to allow use of file walking with local paths. Thanks `3point2 <https:"" 3point2="">`_
#. Added command to generate thumbnails. Thanks `3point2 <https:"" 3point2="">`_
#. Migrated from using media to static file management.


#. Added ability to configure CKeditor through a CKEDITOR_CONFIGS settings. Thanks `jeffh <https:"" jeffh="">`_ for the input.


#. Removed buggy url include check.

#. Egg package corrected to exclude testing and

#. Enforce correct configuration.
#. Changed upload behavior to separate files into directories by upload date. Thanks `loop0 <http:"" loop0="">`_ .
#. Added ability to limit user access to uploaded content (see the CKEDITOR_RESTRICT_BY_USER setting). Thanks `chr15m <http:"" chr15m="">`_ for the input.
#. Added initial set of much needed tests.
#. General cleanup, light refactor.

#. csrf_exempt backwards compatability. Thanks `chr15m <http:"" chr15m="">`_ .

#. Include resources, sorry about that.

#. More robust PIL import. Thanks `buchuki <http:"" buchuki="">`_ .
#. Better CKEDITOR_MEDIA_PREFIX setting error.

#. Included README.rst in manifest.

#. Added CKEDITOR_UPLOAD_PREFIX setting. Thanks `chr15m <http:"" chr15m="">`_ for the input.  
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