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django-cleanup 0.1.9

Deletes old files.

Latest Version: 2.1.0

# django-cleanup

django-cleanup automatically deletes old file for FileField, ImageField and subclasses,
and it also deletes files on models instance deletion.

**Warning! If you use transactions you may lose you files if transaction will rollback.
If you are concerned about it you need other solution for old file deletion in your project.**

Most django projects I've seen don't use transactions and this app is designed for such projects.

## How does it work?

django-cleanup connects pre_save and post_delete signals to special functions(these functions
delete old files) for each model which app is listed in INSTALLED_APPS above than 'django_cleanup'.

## Installation

pip install django-cleanup

## Configuration

Add django_cleanup to

'django_cleanup', # should go after your apps

**django_cleanup** should be placed after all your apps. (At least after those apps which need to remove files.)  
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