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django-cms-taggit 0.1

Integration of django-taggit and additional meta data with Django CMS.

Integration of the django-taggit application and also some additional meta data with Django CMS.

django-taggit a better and simpler approach to tagging with Django and with this you can comfortable use it with Django CMS.


  • django
  • django-cms
  • django-taggit


Using PyPI you can simply type into a terminal:

pip install django-cms-taggit


easy_install django-cms-taggit


In your file add cms_taggit to the list of INSTALLED_APPS. Don’t forget to syncdb your database or migrate if you’re using south.

Because some HTML meta tags (keywords, description) can be implemented with this (see templates folder) it is recommended to turn off the Django CMS setting CMS_SEO_FIELDS.


Copyright 2011 GW < or>

Released under GPLv3 or newer.