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django-codenerix 1.0.0

Codenerix it is a framework that goes on top of Django so it makes easier development and building of ERPs.

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.1.14


Open source enterprise business management system built on top of Django + AngularJS + Bootstrap. Ready for fast development of any CMS, ERP, Business Management Software, you can discover more in ` <http:""/>`_.

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:alt: Try our demo with Centrologic Cloud


* is just Django with steroids
* designed to build new django applications or to get integrated with existing ones
* easy to use methods for writing filters, granular control to limit results
* control what your users see on your software in just one line
* simple to develop customized views
* client-side validation with no extra work
* dynamic inputs and selects with real time autocomplete

* search string sent to the server includes feedback from other form fields
* response from server includes control information to perform form actions on any field (fill, clear, set readonly)
* all dynamic inputs and selects are declared in just on line with our powerfull 'autofill'
* get class information from instrospective analysis of classes
* ready to use Memcache with no extra effort
* full control of permissions with added new permissions
* integrated API system as standard
* several authentication methods' including OTP (One Time Password)
* ready for authentication with Microsoft Active Directory
* compatible with Python 2.7 and Python >= 3.4

Ready for:

* Debug Panel (
* Debug Toolbar (
* Spaghetti and Meatballs (

New fields and widgets:

* FileAngularField
* ImageAngularField
* Date2TimeField
* MultiEmailField
* WysiwygAngularField
* MultiBlockWysiwygField
* BootstrapWysiwygField (coming soon)
* GenReCaptchaField

More information on `our website <http:"">`_.


You can have a look to our `demo online <http:"">`_.

You can find some working examples in GITHUB at `django-codenerix-examples <https:"" centrologic="" django-codenerix-examples="">`_ project.

Quick start

1. Add "codenerix" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. Since Codenerix is a library, you only need to import its parts into your project and use them.


We have tried to write the most accurate documentation about this project so you have enought information to feel confortable
with `CODENERIX <http:""/>`_. Nevertheless we are human, and we make mistakes, so please contact with us if
you find any mistake or you have doubts about the explanations.

You can get access to online documentation at `CODENERIX Documentation <http:"">`_.

You can find all documentation in GITHUB at `django-codenerix-documentation <https:"" centrologic="" django-codenerix-documentation="">`_ project.

Commercial support

This project is backed by `Centrologic <http:""/>`_. You can discover more in ` <http:""/>`_.
If you need help implementing or hosting django-codenerix, please contact us:

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:alt: Centrologic is supported mainly by Centrologic Computational Logistic Center

Several technologies have been used to build `CODENERIX <http:"">`_:

=================================== =================== =========================== =========================================================
Project name License Owner Link to project
=================================== =================== =========================== =========================================================
Angular Material Design     MIT     Google, Inc.
AngularJS MIT Google, Inc.
AngularJS Color Contrast Directive  MIT     Everton Yoshitani
AngularJS reCaptcha MIT VividCortex
AngularUI MIT AngularUI Team
angular-base64-upload   MIT
angular-bootstrap-colorpicker MIT     Michal Zielenkiewicz
angular-loading-bar MIT Wes Cruver
Bootstrap MIT Twitter, Inc.
Bootstrap Tab Collapse MIT
bootstrap-datetimepicker     Apache       Stefan Petre   
Checklist-model     MIT
Date Range Picker MIT Fragaria, s.r.o.
django-angular MIT Jacob Rief
Font Awesome   MIT & SIL OFL 1.1 Dave Gandy 
HTML Clean for jQuery       BSD     Anthony Johnston
HTML5 Shiv   MIT or GPL2 Alexander Farkas
jQuery MIT jQuery Foundation, Inc.
moment.js   MIT     Tim Wood, Iskren Chernev
notifyjs MIT Jaime Pillora
nsPopover MIT
Quill COPYRIGHT Jason Chen &
Rangy   MIT         Tim Down
textAngular MIT Austin Anderson
=================================== =================== =========================== =========================================================  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
django-codenerix-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2017-04-21 3MB
django_codenerix-1.0.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5, pgp) Python Wheel py2.py3 2017-04-21 4MB