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django-conditional-aggregates 0.5.0

Django aggregate functions which operate conditionally (i.e. generate SQL `CASE WHEN` statements)

(Django 1.4 and 1.5 are not possible due to limitation of older `SQLCompiler` class)

Note: from Django 1.8 on this module is not needed as support is built-in:

Sometimes you need some conditional logic to decide which related rows to ‘aggregate’ in your aggregation function.

In SQL you can do this with a CASE clause, for example:

        CASE WHEN (
            stats_stat.stat_type = a
            AND stats_stat.event_type = v
        THEN stats_stat.count
        ELSE 0
    ) AS impressions
FROM stats_stat
GROUP BY stats_stat.campaign_id

Note this is different to doing Django’s normal .filter(...).aggregate(Sum(...)) …what we’re doing is effectively inside the Sum(...) part of the ORM.

I believe these ‘conditional aggregates’ are most (perhaps only) useful when doing a GROUP BY type of query - they allow you to control exactly how the values in the group get aggregated, for example to only sum up rows matching certain criteria.


pip install django-conditional-aggregates

from django.db.models import Q
from djconnagg import ConditionalSum

# recreate the SQL example from above in pure Django ORM:
report = (
        .values('campaign_id')  # values + annotate => GROUP BY
                when=Q(stat_type='a', event_type='v')

Note that standard Django Q objects are used to formulate the CASE WHEN(...) clause. Just like in the rest of the ORM, you can combine them with () | & ~ operators to make a complex query.

ConditionalSum and ConditionalCount aggregate functions are provided. There is also a base class if you need to make your own. The implementation of ConditionalSum is very simple and looks like this:

from djconnagg.aggregates import ConditionalAggregate, SQLConditionalAggregate

class ConditionalSum(ConditionalAggregate):
    name = 'ConditionalSum'

    class SQLClass(SQLConditionalAggregate):
        sql_function = 'SUM'
        default = 0
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