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django-conversation 1.1.2

A reusable Django app that provides threaded conversations between users.

Latest Version: 1.4.9

A reusable Django app that provides threaded conversations between users.


To get the latest stable release from PyPi

$ pip install django-conversation

To get the latest commit from GitHub

$ pip install -e git+git://

TODO: Describe further installation steps (edit / remove the examples below):

Add conversation to your INSTALLED_APPS


Add the conversation URLs to your

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^conversation/', include('conversation.urls')),

Don’t forget to migrate your database

./ migrate conversation


The conversations in this app are threaded, that means a conversation is related to one object. In this case the object is a user. So if user1 starts a conversation with user2 all messages between those users are stored in one conversation (you know it, if your are e.g. a Facebook user).

This app allows another relation, so you can also add a content object to a conversation between two users. Let’s say you built a sports app. user1 wants to talk with user2 about a fight called Klitschko vs. Tyson. They can now start a conversation, which is also related to that fight. But, they can also start a new conversation about other fights or talk to each other without another relation, for sure.

If you have executed the tasks written above, the app is ready to work. Note: The templates are based on Twitter Bootstrap ( If you don’t use it, simply overwrite them.

In almost every case you want to customize stuff, add jQuery/JavaScript, add CSS, your own templates and so on, so this app is kept very simple.



Default: None

If you want to use your own message form, you can define it here:

CONVERSATION_MESSAGE_FORM = 'my_app.forms.MyMessageForm'


If you want to contribute to this project, please perform the following steps

# Fork this repository
# Clone your fork
$ mkvirtualenv -p python2.7 django-conversation
$ python install
$ pip install -r dev_requirements.txt

$ git co -b feature_branch master
# Implement your feature and tests
$ git add . && git commit
$ git push -u origin feature_branch
# Send us a pull request for your feature branch
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