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django-councilmatic 0.8.6

Core functions for family

Latest Version: 0.9.1


The django-councilmatic app provides the core functionality for the `Councilmatic family <http:""/>`_, a set of web apps for keeping tabs on local city council. It is built upon the open civic data standard and ultimately makes Councilmatic easier to re-deploy in new cities.

django-councilmatic includes:

- data models for bills, people, organizations, events, and more
- a task to load data from the open civic data api
- views and templates for bill/person/organization/event pages, search, and more

The `Councilmatic family <http:""/>`_ includes:

- Philly Councilmatic (the original and first Councilmatic, by Mjumbe Poe, an important predecessor to DataMade's django-councilmatic)
- `Chicago Councilmatic <https:"" datamade="" chi-councilmatic="">`_
- `New York City Councilmatic <https:"" datamade="" nyc-councilmatic="">`_
- `Los Angeles Metro Board <https:"" datamade="" la-metro-councilmatic="">`_

Councilmatic in your city
If you're interested in bringing Councilmatic to your city, `contact us <>`_! We'd love to help.

Want to build your own Councilmatic? Check out our `Starter Template <https:"" datamade="" councilmatic-starter-template="">`_. It contains everything you need to create your own Councilmatic from scratch.

Running tests
Did you make changes to django-councilmatic? Before you make a pull request, run some tests. We test for style with `flake8 <http:"" en="" latest=""/>`_:

flake8 ./councilmatic_core/*.py

We test for functionality with a custom-made `TestCase`. Be sure to specify the owner of your psql databse in the export command:

export db_user='yourusername' && python


- Forest Gregg, DataMade - Open Civic Data (OCD) and Legistar scraping
- Cathy Deng, DataMade - data models and loading
- Derek Eder, DataMade - front end
- Eric van Zanten, DataMade - search and dev ops

Patches and Contributions
We continue to improve django-councilmatic, and we welcome your ideas! You can make suggestions in the form of `github issues <https:"" datamade="" django-councilmatic="" issues="">`_ (bug reports, feature requests, general questions), or you can submit a code contribution via a pull request.

How to contribute code:

- Fork the project.
- Make your feature addition or bug fix.
- Bonus points for running tests to check python style (:code:`pip install flake8` and then :code:`flake8 .`).
- Send us a pull request with a description of your work! Don't worry if it isn't perfect - think of a PR as a start of a conversation, rather than a finished product.


Copyright (c) 2015 Participatory Politics Foundation and DataMade.
Released under the `MIT
License <https:"" datamade="" django-councilmatic="" blob="" master="" license="">`__.  
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