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django-dbarray 0.0.1

Django ORM field for Postgres array types.

Latest Version: 0.2

A Django model field that stores lists of values. Implemented using the PostgreSQL array type.


Note that this field currently works only on Postgres/psycopg2. Requires Django >= 1.2.

Four field types are defined in the ``dbarray`` module::

from django.db import models

import dbarray

class Foo(models.Model):

numlist = dbarray.IntegerArrayField()
floatlist = dbarray.FloatArrayField(null=True)
textlist = dbarray.TextArrayField(
help_text="Fields take the same arguments as their corresponding Django fields.")
charlist = dbarray.CharArrayField(max_length=5)

Custom fields

To define an array type based on a field other than Integer, Float, Text, or Char::

import dbarray

class FooArrayField(dbarray.ArrayFieldBase, FooField):
__metaclass__ = dbarray.ArrayFieldMetaclass

This may or may not work depending on a few factors; you might, for example, need
to override the db_type method to make it add ``[]`` to right spot in the column
type used in generated SQL.  
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