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django-dbdump 1.1

Database backup management command.

This tiny Django application provides a “dbdump” management command that wraps mysqldump or pg_dump and allows you to create SQL dumps of your configured databases.

To use, add ‘dbdump’ to your INSTALLED_APPS.


  • $ dbdump
  • $ dbdump –db-name=mydb –debug –compress=gzip

You can dump only table schema without data or exclude tables completely using DB_DUMP_EMPTY_TABLES and DB_DUMP_EXCLUDED_TABLES settings inside your settings.DATABASES definition. For example:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'mysql',
        'DB_DUMP_EMPTY_TABLES': ['table1', 'table2'],

will not include contents of table1 and table2 in your output.

See for more information.

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