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django-dbes 0.1.0

A django package to speed-up your HTML email developpement workflow in django


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A django package to speed-up your HTML email developpement workflow in django.

**Warning**: this package is intended for developpement only.

Use case

Working on email templates/styling in django can be really painful and slow:

* Dumping the email content to console via django's `ConsoleBackend` is just not enough when you work with HTML emails
* Sending the emails to a real adress is slow, requires a working SMTP server, and may be dangerous. It will also quickly spam your inbox.

A possible answer

What if we could display sent emails directly in browser during developpement ? It's actually quite simple, and it's exactly
what django-dbes does:

1. Instead of sending mails or logging them to console, it's stored as a model instances in database
2. The email URL is logged on the console so it can be accessed it in a web browser
3. The view behind this URL retrieve the Email instance in database and render the content in a template

The project is also bundled with an admin module so you can quickly see what are the last sent emails and display them.


Install django-dbes::

pip install django-dbes

Then add the app to your

# other apps

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'dbes.backends.EmailBackend'

Add this to your URLs conf::

urlpatterns = [
# your urls
url(r'^emails/', include('dbes.urls', namespace='dbes')),

Run the migrations::

python migrate dbes

From now on, each time you send an email, it will be saved as a model instead of being sent. You'll also see
a log output in your console, such as:

Sending email to with subject "Test". You can access this email at URL

Just click the email link to display it.

Running Tests

Does the code actually work?


source <yourvirtualenv>/bin/activate
(myenv) $ pip install -r requirements-test.txt
(myenv) $ python


Tools used in rendering this package:

* Cookiecutter_
* `cookiecutter-pypackage`_

.. _Cookiecutter:
.. _`cookiecutter-djangopackage`:


0.1.0 (2016-04-20)

* First release on PyPI.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
django-dbes-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-04-20 7KB