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django-denis 0.2.0

Denis helps you recovering accidentally deleted data from a django project

Denis helps you recovering accidentally deleted data from a django project.


Humans make mistakes, sometimes they delete data accidentally from the django admin and you have to spend your afternoon recovering data from a db dump. Sometimes the human is called Denis.


  • Django >= 1.6


  • pip install django-denis


Given a queryset django-denis finds what the django admin would delete and recover them from a backup database.

Here’s an example session:

$ python shell
>>> from denis import Denis
>>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User
>>> User.objects.filter(pk=40182)
>>> qs = User.objects.using('backup').filter(pk=40182)
>>> denis = Denis(qs, using='backup')
>>> denis.recover(using='default')
>>> User.objects.using('default').filter(pk=40182)
<User: cicciopasticcio>

The code above assumes a configuration entry called backup for DATABASES in that should point to a database containing the data you want to recover.

Be cautious

Please always test (and test again) recovery on a copy of your database so you can double check that everything works fine before doing it on your production db.

Of course we don’t take any responsibility with this code. Use at your own risk!

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