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django-docdata 0.2

Python/Django client to the Docdata payment system.

Python/Django client to the Docdata payment system.

What it does

This package offers Python and Django integration for Docdata’s WebMenu product. It offers a direct abstraction of the API living in docdata.interface which does not use Django for anything other than UTF-8 encoding of URL’s. On top of this we implemented a Django persistence layer and a payment_status_changed signal for easy integration into webshops and other applications requiring payments.

Who uses this

The 1%CLUB is using this in their Open Source crowdfunding platform Project Bluebottle. Some version of this software has been included in pcommerce.payment.docdata by Huub Bouma. And surely, we are using this package in-house over at Visualspace as well, ona fairly large production webshop.


This package has fairly extensive test coverage. However, a significant portion of the tests currently requires a testing account and hence DOCDATA_MERCHANT_NAME and DOCDATA_MERCHANT_PASSWORD to be setup in the file (see test_secrets.example). After that the tests can be run with:

python test

Only the online tests are currently being run with Travis. If you fire pull requests I would tremendously appreciate offline test coverage using httpmock) over the existing offline tests, ideally based on the examples in Docdata’s implementation manual.


Credentials as supplied by the payment provider.
Credentials as supplied by the payment provider.
Whether or not to run in testing mode. Defaults to True.
Which profile to use for processing payments. Defaults to standard.
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