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django-documents 0.0.3

Attach documents to django models

This simple app provides:

  • a Document model with:
    • a generic many to many relation
    • a file field that uploads to a private directory
    • a method get_download_url()
  • a view to download a document which allows custom security checks through a signal
  • a signal, document_pre_download, that is emited by the download view, and which responds with 503 if emiting the signal raises a DownloadForbidden exception
  • clean admin integration
  • south support

Install django-generic-m2m

Refer to django-generic-m2m installation documentation, do “Installation” and “Adding to your Django Project”.

Install autocomplete_light

Refer to django-autocomplete-light installation documentation, do “Quick install” and “Quick admin integration”.

Install django-documents

Download the lastest release:

pip install django-documents

Or install the development version:

pip install -e git+

Add to settings.INSTALLED_APPS:


If using south, run:

./ migrate

Else, run:

./ syncdb

Add to

url(r'^documents/', include('documents.urls')),

Set settings.DOCUMENTS_UPLOAD_TO to the absolute path where uploads should be stored. This must be a private directory.

Prepare the generic many to many autocomplete

Register a generic autocomplete, with name “AutocompleteDocumentRelations”. There is an example in test_project which is imported in Refer the django-autocomplete-light documentation about the registry for alternative methods.

If the project already uses django-generic-m2m and django-autocomplete-light, a good solution is to re-register the project’s generic autocomplete with name=’AutocompleteDocumentRelations’, ie.:

# your project specific autocomplete
class AutocompleteProject(autocomplete_light.AutocompleteGenericBase):
    # ....

# register for your project needs

# registery for documents relations

Secure your documents

Connect to document_pre_import, for example:

# project specific document permissions
import documents
def document_security(sender, request, document, **kwargs):
    if not request.user.is_staff:
        raise documents.DownloadForbidden()
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