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django-dogstorage 1.0.0

Django Storage Engine which returns images of dogs if files could not be found.

dogstorage is a so called *development storage engine*.

Many people have the problem with gigantomanic production databases with
gigabytes of pictures/files. It is a pain to keep the image files synchronised
between development and production environments.

Therefore I have written this storage engine. In case a file is not found,
an image from placedog.com_ will be used/displayed

If you are sick of dogs, you might want to check out _django-kittenstorage_.

It's on pypi.

``pip install django-dogstorage``

Feel free to clone from github too. Forking is welcome as well :-)

In your django settings file:

``DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = 'dogstorage.storages.GreyDog'``

Storage Engines
dogstorage offers two engines:

1. ``dogstorage.storages.GreyDog``
2. ``dogstorage.storages.ColorDog``

Choose depending on the saturation you want. I prefer ``GreyDog`` since it
does have a pretty classy look.

There is only one setting:

Default: ``(1024, 1024)``

A tuple of format `(width, height)`, specifiying the size of the image
requested from placedog__.

__ placedog.com_  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
django-dogstorage-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-10-11 2KB