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django-dynamic-formsets 0.0.8

A lightweight plugin for managing Django formsets with jQuery.

# django-dynamic-formsets

A lightweight plugin for managing Django formsets with jQuery.

## About this plugin

This [jQuery]( plugin helps you create more usable [Django]( formsets by allowing clients to add and remove forms on the client-side.

It was primarily developed by [Stanislaus Madueke]( and re-packaged as a static Django app (with a couple shiny new enhancements and more docs) by [The Dallas Morning News](

This version of this plugin (like its predecessor) is available under the [BSD License]().


## Getting started

1. Download this repo or install from PyPI:

pip install django-dynamic-formsets

2. Then add `dynamic_formsets` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting and run `python collectstatic`.

3. You can now make your formsets dynamic by adding the following lines to a template:

{% load static %}


{% comment %}
(Your templated DOM here, possibly something like this:)
{% endcomment %}

<form id="my-form" method="post" action="">
{% csrf_token %}
{{ }}
{% for form in formset %}
<div class="individual-form">
{{ form.as_p }}
{% endfor %}


<script src="{% static " dynamic_formsets="" jquery.formset.js"="" %}"="" type="text/javascript"> </script>

<script type="text/javascript">


## Configuration

Once you've followed steps 1 to 3 above, you're ready to customize the formset-handling javascript that's now on your page.

Detailed information about all the settings you can change in the javascript will be added to this repo very soon.  
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