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django-eml-email-backend 0.1

Django email backend that saves emails to .eml files. Such files can be opened directly in Outlook or

Django has filebased email backend that is handy for inspecting outgoing emails during development. But this backend saves emails to ‘.log’ files and it is not clear how to view them in email client. This is especially important for html emails.

eml_email_backend saves outgoing emails to ‘.eml’ files. This way emails can be opened directly in MS Outlook or or previewed in OS X Finder by simply pressing space over the file.


$ pip install django-eml-email-backend


Setup the django email backend in your

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'eml_email_backend.EmailBackend'
EMAIL_FILE_PATH = 'path/to/output/folder/'


Full eml format is not supported, file extensions are just changed from “.log” to “.eml” by this app. It works in most cases. Patches for better eml support are welcome.

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