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django-everlasting-sessions 0.0.4

Django middleware that prevents user sessions from expiration.


This Django middleware prevents user sessions from expiration.


When using django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware, Django only saves the session cookie when a session is modified. On a typical site that only happens when a user logs in. In two weeks this session cookie expires and the user is prompted to login again, even if he’s been actively using the site.


django-everlasting-sessions provides a middleware that will update session cookies once in a while (every day by default), provided there is some activity from the user.


pip install django-everlasting-sessions


Add the middleware to

        'django_everlasting_sessions.UpdateSessionMiddleware',  # Must go after SessionMiddleware

The rest will happen automatically.


The following default is used which you can override in

SESSION_COOKIE_REFRESH = 86400  # Interval in seconds.
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