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django-excel-response3 1.51

A subclass of HttpResponse which will transform a QuerySet, or sequence of sequences, into either an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file formatted for Excel, depending on the amount of data.


This is an overhaul of which was originally

  • added class detection for values, and will use the value str(class_value)
  • added support for floats, dollar strings, and comma separated number strings that were broken in other forks
  • refactored the code to resemble an actual class, as opposed to one giant init function
  • removed the performance killing import every time you write a sheet, xlwt is required. If you don’t like it use a CSV writer
  • refactored the CSV writing portion of the code to actually use python’s csv class
  • added width auto adjustment


from excel_response3 import ExcelResponse

def excelview(request):
    objs = SomeModel.objects.all()
    return ExcelResponse(objs)


from excel_response3 import ExcelResponse

def excelview(request):
    data = [
        ['Column 1', 'Column 2'],
    return ExcelResponse(data, 'my_data')

Constructor Kwargs

  • headers - an array containing column headers
  • output_name - maintaining this kwarg, but tries first to use the 2nd arg passed when defining the class
  • force_csv - forcibly respond with csv, defaults to False
  • encoding - defaults to ‘utf8’
  • sheet_name - defaults to ‘Sheet 1’
  • blanks_for_none - replace None values with ’’, defaults to True
  • auto_adjust_width - adjust width of each column automatically, defaults to True
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