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django-extended-admin 1.0.6

Additional features for django admin

1. add 'admin_extended' before 'django.contrib.*' and 'admin_tools.*' in INSTALLED_APPS
2. add 'admin_extended.context_processors.settings' in TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS
3. add 'apptemplates.Loader' in TEMPLATE_LOADERS

Package allow some extra settings to customize - all of them are optional
Is a string which defines additional version of jquery - it will include from google storage

Is a string which defines favicon static prefix ('/static/' by default)
Example: FAVICON_PREFIX = '/static/images/'

Also it provides register_url decorator for ModelAdmin or Inline methods. It turns method to view, which returns HttpResponse object.
To use it you should add next line to yours
url(r'^admin/', include('admin_extended.urls')),
IMPORTANT: it should be placed BEFORE including, but AFTER admin.autodiscover()

After then you may deco yours methods like that:
class SomeModelAdmin(ModelAdmin):
# finally url will be look like that: r'^/admin/app_label/model_name/extra_url/'
# arg must be a raw string and can not starts with /
# url arg could be omitted - "method_name/$" will be used as url
def get_info(self, request):
return render_to_response('some_template.html')

IMPORTANT: also you must decorate your method with @staticmethod or @classmethod if you use this feture in InlineModelAdmin
NOTE: if you use this feature in InlineModelAdmin, "model_name" still be name of model registred with ModelAdmin which contains inline (so as "app_label").
To prevent it set "use_inline_data" arg to True in register_url decorator

At client side you could use:
- autoinlines.js (a tool to create dynamic inlines, by clicking on checkboxes controllers)
Usage: $.autoInline({
inlineName: "hint",
fields: ["field_name_1", "field_name_2"],
controllers: ["m2m_field_name_1", "m2m_field_name_2"],
requiredMask: 10,
hint: "Check m2m_field_name_1",
empty: "None"

- searchline.js (a tool to filter checkboxes)
Usage: $("fieldset .field-fieldname").addSearchLine();  
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