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django-facebook-realtime 0.1.1-20130208

django app for adding/removing/listing facebook realtime subscriptions and retrieving facebook realtime updates

A reusable app to interact with facebook real-time updates (


  • add/remove a subscription to changes in data in facebook
  • list all subscriptions
  • receive facebook real-time updates


python, django, requests


  1. pip install git+git://

  2. Add "dj_facebook_realtime" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting


  4. Wire up the views by adding a line to your URLconf:

    url(r'facebook/subscriptions/', include('dj_facebook_realtime.urls')),
  5. Make sure that current Site has a right domain value due to it’s used to build callback url used to verify subscriptions

Example of use

Adding a subscription

adding a subscription for changes on user’s friends and feed connections

python realtime_subscriptions_add --object_type=user --fields=friends,feed

Removing subscriptions

removing all existent subscriptions only for users

python realtime_subscriptions_delete --object_type=user

Listing all subscriptions

python realtime_subscriptions_list

Retrieving updates with facebook data changes

Below a snippet of code to handling realtime_update signal provided by django-facebook-realtime to keep posted of facebook changes through facebook realtime service:

from django.dispatch import receiver
from dj_facebook_realtime.signals import realtime_update

def handler_new_facebook_change(sender, object_type, uid, changed_fields, time, **kwargs):
    handle facebook changes detected through facebook's real-time update service
    if object_type == 'user':
        # make some action for changes related to facebook users
    elif object_type == 'page':
        # make some action for changes related to facebook pages
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