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django-fancytree 0.1.3

Django forms widget that uses Fancytree to display tree data

Latest Version: 0.4.0

Django Fancytree Widget

django-fancytree provides a widget using the fancytree js library to
render a forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField as a tree with selectable and
collapsable nodes.

See included project 'treewidget' as an example. Widget is used in
ModelMultipleChoiceField and allows user to select multiple categories.



from fancytree.widgets import FancyTreeWidget

categories = Category.objects.all()

class CategoryForm(forms.Form):
categories = forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField(

In this example Category is a model registered with django-mptt.

Widget accepts **queryset** option, which expects pre-ordered queryset by
"tree_id" and "lft".

If you want to adjust tree data creation, you can define 'get_doc' method on
your model. Example:


def get_doc(self, values):
doc = {"title": name, "key":}
if str( in values:
doc['select'] = True
doc['expand'] = True
return doc  
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