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django-flatpages-i18n 0.7.1

Translatable flatpages

Translatable version of django.contrib.flatpages with basic menu support.


  • Django
  • django_modeltranslation
  • django_mptt

Tested with Django 1.8.


  1. Install python library using pip: pip install django-flatpages-i18n

  2. Add mptt, modeltranslation and flatpages_i18n to INSTALLED_APPS in your Django settings file

  3. Add flatpages_i18n.middleware.FlatpageFallbackMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in your Django settings file

  4. Specify desired languages in your Django settings file:

    from django.utils.translation import gettext
    LANGUAGE_CODE = 'en'
        ('en', gettext('English')),
        ('de', gettext('German')),
  5. Migrate your database

  6. Run sync_translation_fields and update_translation_fields commands (from modeltranslation app)

  7. If you want to use Redactor WYSIWYG editor (see settings below), you need to add 'flatpages_i18n.urls' to your

    if 'flatpages_i18n' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
        urlpatterns += i18n_patterns(
            url(r'^', include('flatpages_i18n.urls')),


To get all flatpages:

In your HTML template:

{% load i18n flatpages_i18n %}

{% get_available_languages as LANGUAGES %}
{% get_flatpages_i18n as flatpages_i18n %}

    {% for flatpage in flatpages_i18n %}
        <li><a href="/{{ LANGUAGE_CODE }}{{ flatpage.url }}">{{ flatpage.title }}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}

To get flatpage by its PK:

{% get_flatpage_i18n 123 as my_flatpage %}
{{ my_flatpage.content }}

or by its machine_name:

{% get_flatpage_i18n 'my-flatpage' as my_flatpage %}


If you wish to use Redactor as WYSIWYG editor, set it to 'REDACTOR'. Default: None.
Path to Redactor .js file. Default: 'js/redactor/redactor.js'.
Path to Redactor .css file. Default: 'css/redactor/redactor.css'.


Library is by Erik Telepovsky from Pragmatic Mates. See our other libraries.

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