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django-followit 0.0.3

A Django application that allows users to follow django model objects

The followit django app allows to easily set up a capability for the site users to follow various things on the site, represented by django model objects.


To the INSTALLED_APPS in your add entry 'followit'. Then, in your apps', probably at the end of the file, add:

import followit followit.register(Thing)

Once that is done, in your shell run:

python syncdb

Not it will be possible for the user to follow instances of SomeModel.

If you decide to allow following another model, just add another followit.register(...) statement to the and re-run the syncdb.


Examples below show how to use followit (assuming that model Thing is registered with followit in your

bob.follow_thing(x) bob.unfollow_thing(x) things = bob.get_followed_things() x_followers = x.get_followers()

Note that followit does not yet provide view functions of url routing relevant to following or unfollowing items, nor template tags.

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