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django-grappelli-custom-autocomplete 1.4

Customize the template for autocomplete lookups.

Latest Version: 1.4.1


This library gives you the ability to customize the display of the grappelli FK / M2M autocomplete lookup.

Customize the dropdown contents and preview contents in an FK Autocomplete:
![Screenshot of custom FK lookup](/../master/docs/screenshots/fk_selection.png?raw=true "Screenshot of custom FK lookup")

Customize the dropdown contents and preview contents in an M2M Autocomplete:
![Screenshot of custom M2M lookup](/../master/docs/screenshots/m2m_selection.png?raw=true "Screenshot of custom M2M lookup")

Improved UX for deletion on M2M:
![Better M2M delete display](/../master/docs/screenshots/delete_ux.png?raw=true "Screenshot of M2M delete")

Requires Django and django-grappelli

1. pip install django-grappelli-custom-autocomplete
2. Add 'django_grappelli_custom_autocomplete' to your INSTALLED_APPS list in your project's
3. Add to custom urls to url(r'^grappelli_custom_autocomplete/', include('django_grappelli_custom_autocomplete.urls')),

class Image( BaseImage ):

#...Your fields here...

1. Define the following three functions on the model to return custom
autocomplete markup:
def custom_related_dropdown_label(self):
#This is the HTML that gets used in the dropdown selector.
return "%s
<img src="%s" width="100"/>" % (self.title, self.thumbnail.url)

def custom_related_fk_selected_display(self):
#This is the HTML that gets inserted next to the FK selector to
return "<img src="%s" width="100"/>" % (self.thumbnail.url)

def custom_related_m2m_selected_display(self):
#This is the HTML that gets used in the M2M list
return "<img src="%s" height="35"/> %s " % (self.thumbnail.url, self.title)
from django_grappelli_custom_autocomplete.admin import CustomAutocompleteMixin, CustomAutocompleteTabularMixin

class PageAdmin(CustomAutocompleteMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):
2. Add the admin mixin "CustomAutocompleteMixin" to your admin class.
3. Define "custom_autocomplete_lookup_fields" as you would with the

fields = ['title', 'thumbnail', 'slides']
raw_id_fields = ['thumbnail', 'slides']
custom_autocomplete_lookup_fields = {
'm2m': ['slides']

class SlideInlineAdmin(CustomAutocompleteTabularMixin, admin.TabularInline):

fields = ['title', 'thumbnail', 'slides']
raw_id_fields = ['thumbnail', 'slides']
custom_autocomplete_lookup_fields = {
'm2m': ['slides']

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