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django-group-user-mngt 1.0

Manage groups and user via jtable

Manage groups and users using jquery jtable

Add to INSTALLED_APPS : ‘group_user_mngt’,

GROUP_MANAGEMENT_TEMPLATE = ‘manage_groups.html’

Replace the template with a customized template (See below how to create)

url(r’^groupmanagement/’, include(‘group_user_mngt.urls’, namespace=”gm_space”)),

copy following files

The dist-packages subdirectory in the examples below is just an example. It all depends on how this package was installed (with or without env, ubuntu/windows, …)

Under static root :

mkdir group_user_mngt cd group_user_mngt cp -r /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/group_user_mngt/static/group_user_mngt/* .

Group view


Template creation

{% extends "group_user_base.html" %}

<!DOCTYPE html>
        {% block head_group %}
        {{ block.super }}
        {% endblock %}


        {% block group_user %}
        <div id="GroupMngt" class="grid_16">{% csrf_token %}</div>
        {% endblock %}
        {% block user_group %}
        <div id="UserMngt" class="grid_16">{% csrf_token %}</div>
        {% endblock %}


Future work

  • CSRF support
  • Edit permissions
  • Improve portability of app
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