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django-hbs-makemessages 0.9.6

Library providing makemessages for Handlebars.js templates

Library providing script that exposes custom makemessages command that can extract language strings from .hbs and .handlebars files.

This library complements django-ember-gettext Ember.js addon that provides Django’s gettext support in Ember.js application.


Install library via pip:

pip install django-hbs-makemessages

CD to project containing locale directory and JS app and fire makemessages for your locale: makemessages –l en_us –d djangojs

Now check your locale’s djangojs.po file for your locale and see if it contains translation files:

#: emberapp/routes/application.js:8 msgid “Connection lost” msgstr “”

#: emberapp/routes/application.js:13 msgid “Page not available” msgstr “”

#: emberapp/routes/application.js:24 msgid “Page not found” msgstr “”

#: emberapp/templates/application.handlebars.:2 #: emberapp/templates/application.hbs.:2 msgid “Welcome to Ember.js!” msgstr “”

#: emberapp/templates/application.handlebars.:3 #: emberapp/templates/application.hbs.:3 msgid “IndexController renders %(template)s template!” msgstr “”

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
django-hbs-makemessages-0.9.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-01-25 7KB