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django-hijack 2.0.3

django-hijack allows superusers to hijack (=login as) and work on behalf of another user.

# Django Hijack

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![Screenshot of django-hijack in action on the admin site.](docs/admin-screenshot.png)

![Screenshot of the warning seen while hijacking another user.](docs/hijacker-screenshot.png)

With Django Hijack, admins can log in and work on behalf of other users without having to know their credentials.

## Docs See

## Testimonials

> I am using django-hijack on a project with hundreds of users, wonderful tool for support. Thank you! > > — [benzinonapoloni]( on [reddit](

> This is a super useful tool. I have a site where I occasionally impersonating users to help troubleshoot their issues. This is a huge time saver. > > — [orangishyellow]( on [reddit](

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